Men At Glen Christian Conference

About Us

Welcome to Men At Glen. We are an annual conference held in Glen Innes, NSW.

We believe that in the Bible, God has spoken to us so that we can know who He is and what He wants of us. For this reason, we aim to bring blokes from across our region to sit together under his word as we wrestle with how we might be men who seek to walk more closely with Jesus in every part of our lives.

The Bible sits at the heart of all that we do. Each year, we are joined by gifted teachers of the Bible who unpack a theme or book from within the Bible in a way that draws out its implications for the lives of Christian men. In the past, this has included men such as Phillip Jensen, Garry Miller, John Woodhouse and Mike Raiter.

Alongside the Bible talks, we will be encouraged as our testimonial speaker and mission agencies tell us of God’s ongoing work in the world. We sing, pray and share fellowship over meals.

Our prayer is that as the showground disappears in the rearview mirror, you will return home equipped and keen to walk a little more faithfully with Jesus than when you arrived.


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